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Field Trial Challenges

There is a lot of data generated when conducting agricultural field trials for seed tests, crop protocol yield comparisons or product benchmarks. It is often labour intensive to record, collect, aggregate and analyse all of that data.
Trial coordinators create paper surveys or software forms with all the required parameters and then distribute these to dispersed field staff who record the trial measurements over weeks or months.

When the trial is completed all of that data has to be collected centrally, aggregated in a consistent way, transformed and analysed so that the findings and reports can be generated.
It’s often a time consuming, error prone and frustrating experience especially when some of the results are incomplete or when the parameters of a trial need to be changed. We created QuickTrials to help solve these headaches.

Your Time Is Valuable

There are better ways to spend it than collating data


The QuickTrials way

QuickTrials takes a new approach, using the latest technologies, whereby data is captured on mobile phones (or tablets) and then analysed centrally in near real-time. The software is ideally suited for plant breeding, research, product trials or any situation where accurate data needs to be captured in the field and later analysed.

Trials can be conducted for any kind of crop (Eg. wheat, cotton, soya, etc) or seed varieties. Whatever the type of trial being conducted there is no need to manually collect, aggregate and transform the data in order to analyse the results. This saves a lot of time and management can now view trial data as it’s being collected in the field, allowing mistakes or trends to be spotted much earlier.




No need to install or distribute desktop software


App can be installed on Android mobile phones and tablet


Field staff only see the trials they are authorised to participate in


Measurements can be filtered to match user workflows


Data can be captured offline and synced to the cloud whenever a network connection available


Powerful analytics tools can be used without manual transformation


API’s can be used to integrate trial data with other systems

Key Technologies

QuickTrials utilises the latest technologies to provide a modern, effective solution that saves both time and money.

We use a multi-dimensional hypercube for data storage which allows for powerful analysis. Data collection also becomes simpler and more natural thanks to the hypercube. Trials can be conducted with as many dimensions as needed (Eg. site, variety, protocol) where each dimension can have any number of properties (Eg. site: name, location, manager). It then becomes simple to analyse the data in all sorts of ways to create insightful reports. Standard data warehouse operations such as roll-up, drill-down, slice and dice are all possible.

Under the hood QuickTrials uses Google’s BigQuery for storing data which provides a highly scalable, secure and enterprise ready cloud storage platform. This ensures a reliable way to store even the largest and most complex trial results while also making it easier to integrate trial data with other systems if needed.

Enter Measurements Effortlessly

Manage Trials and View Results on your Web Browser

Agricultural Field Trials

QuickTrials can be used by extension field staff in any country for on-farm data collection. Trials can be multidimensional and include aspects such as crop yields, plant vigor, weed control effectiveness, nutrient status, quality evaluations etc. for each different seed variety or site.

Accessing Your Data

The data you enter in QuickTrials always belongs to you and can be accessed at any time.  We’ve made QuickTrials as flexible as possible so there are many ways to analyse the trial data.  You can use the built in charts or external analysis software like R or Tableau if you prefer.

Below are some ways in which the data can be analysed:

  • Using the built-in reports
  • Exporting the data to Excel (CSV file)
  • Using 3rd party tools such as Tableau, R or Google Data Studio. Essentially any statistics or reporting tool that integrates with Google BigQuery*
  • Exporting to JSON or AVRO formats*
  • Direct access through a programmatic API*

* Depending upon subscription plan

With QuickTrials you also control who can view your data. For example a partner can be given access to only view the test results for one specific seed variety.

Top 10 Benefits of QuickTrials

  • Faster to get field trials up and running
  • Improved accuracy through more consistent data
  • Saves time and reduces effort
  • Quicker access to trial results
  • Gain insights more easily
  • Sharing data becomes simpler
  • More secure by controlling who can access trials
  • Improved compliance with timestamps and GPS location
  • Photos are captured easily
  • Lower cost of conducting and processing field trials

Once you have signed-up for a QuickTrials account.
You can then download the QuickTrials app for Android or iPhone and iPad and start recording measurements on your mobile.

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