Case Studies

Here are some examples of how our customers are using QuickTrials to streamline their operations.

Bejo Mexico

Bejo Mexico conducts many vegetable trials each year. QuickTrials has helped to double the number of traits collected while greatly reducing the time and effort required to obtain the data.

“We can now analyse data in ways that was not possible before”

Adrián Carvajal Alvízar


The Syngenta Foundation conducts trials of 20 different crops across 9 countries using QuickTrials to streamline its operations.

“QuickTrials allows us to follow a target-driven approach that makes experimentation a lot more efficient.”

Ye Pyae Kyaw


Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd (Cropnuts) is Africa’s leading independent laboratory for agricultural and environmental testing.

“Managing trials became a lot easier and less stressful, thanks to QuickTrials.”

Jacopo Parigiani


AgCall provides product, fertiliser and variety trials for over 40 crops across the USA and Canada

“I’m impressed by the flexibility provided by QuickTrials. It allows us to capture data beyond field trials, for things like site assessments, product inquires and audits”

Ken Robertson


The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) plans to use QuickTrials across 28 countries with 53 organisations.

Electronic data collection using QuickTrials is the next wave for the SIL network. QuickTrials
speeds up data collection, improves data quality, and offers real-time communication among SIL network

Dr. Erica Leles


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In agricultural research it is important to choose the right experimental design. This way the analyses produced are statistically meaningful.

When designing the physical aspects of a crop experiment, there are many choices to be made surrounding plots.