MARCH 2021


AgCall provides trialing and crop inspection services across the USA and Canada. The company conducts product, fertilizer, and seed variety trials for 40+ crops ranging from wheat, oats, and corn throught to peas, lentils, and potatoes.


Before adopting QuickTrials the company used other software for data collection and analysis. The previous solution worked but was less flexible and required staff and associates to install software on their PC’s which then had to be kept up-to-date.

“ Instead of only seeing the information at the end of the trial, we now track the data as it’s being entered and can follow up anytime its needed. ”

Gary Galbraith

“I’m impressed by the flexibility provided by QuickTrials. It allows us to capture data beyond the field, for things like site assessments, product inquiries, and audits.”

Ken Robertson

Crops Examples

  • Fababean

  • Green Field Peas

  • Yellow Field Peas

  • Lentils

  • Soybean

  • Canola

  • Corn

  • Spring Wheat

  • Barley

  • Malt Barley


AgCall switched to QuickTrials 3 Years ago and has been using the solution to streamline its trialling operations. Trials are now more standardised and are built to templates and the global trait library. Reports can be generated nightly or whenever needed with considerably less effort. The built-in Anova analysis also provides a fast way to see key characteristics of the collected data at any time.

The ability to capture photos with QuickTrials and have the images automatically linked to the observation records, has been greatly appreciated by staff and associates. Instead of having to transfer and rename hundreds of image files manually, staff can capture as many photos as needed and QuickTrials takes care of everything (Eg. resizing, uploading and linking). This saves time and makes it easier to reference photos later.

“Trial results are available to farmers 6-8 weeks earlier than with the previous process.”

Gary Galbraith

Photos are automatically linked to the correct record

Trial results available


The power and flexibility provided by QuickTrials allows AgCall to also streamline some of its other data capture needs, beyond field trials. Today the solution is being used for field trials, site assessments, product inquiries and field audits. QuickTrials is used to capture all this data in the field and upload it centrally, where the structured information is always available and can be analysed any time.

QuickTrials provide a range of benefits for field staff, associates, back-office personnel and customers. AgCall can bring new associates onboard with less training, trial managers have improved transparency and can react earlier, and customers receive trial results faster. All of this helps AgCall to be more responsive and provide the best service to its clients.

“It’s been a big improvement for the company as a whole. The BigQuery interface has also made my job a lot easier.”

Ken Robertson

QuicksTrials is used for:

Top 10 Benefits

  • 1.Easy to bring new users onboard with little training because the solution is user friendly

  • 2.Reduced support since associates no longer need to install software on their PC’s

  • 3.Trials are now more standardised thanks to templates and the trait library

  • 4.Photos are captured directly from the app and automatically linked to observation data

  • 5.Built-in Anova analysis provides initial insight quickly

  • 6.Time stamping and location data help strengthen audit capabilites

  • 7.The same solution is also used for site evaluations, product enquiries and audits

  • 8.Progress of trials can be tracked in real-time.

  • 9.Trial results are available sooner

  • 10.Time saved preparing reports and improved service to clients

Ken Robertson

Chief Information Officer

Gary Galbraith

Pulse RVT Project Leader

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