December 2021

What is the optimal size, shape and number of plots for field trials? – 13 December 2021

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All about plots When designing the physical aspects of a crop experiment, there are many choices to be made surrounding plots for the researcher to contend with: How many plots should my experiment have? What size and shape should my plots be? How can I prevent interactions between plots? Luckily for researchers today there are straightforward solutions to these problems and QuickTrials can help to implement [...]

November 2021

How to Choose your Experimental Design – 15 November 2021

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Experimental design choices In agricultural research it is important to choose the right experimental design at the beginning of your trial so that the analyses produced at the end of the season are statistically meaningful. Before we look further at the different types of designs, it is worth taking some time to understand why we need them. Suppose a plant breeder chooses two plots of land [...]

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