Custom Reports Add-on

What are custom reports?
QuickTrials offers built-in statistics, charts, and tables to help you monitor progress and analyse the trial results.  Sometimes however, companies want to analyse or present data in different ways and that’s where the custom report add-on comes in!  Custom reports allow companies to create specialised charts or tables within QuickTrials, in the way that works best for the organisation.  This can help to streamline company workflows and enable users to see exactly what they need with minimal clicks.

Who can create and view custom reports?
Once custom reports have been enabled for your organisation, anyone with “Administrator” privileges can click together reports, and include them in QuickTrials screens that regular users see.  The administrator can define the access permissions and control exactly who can view the report data.

Regular users can see custom reports at the following levels:

  1. Individual trial report.  For custom reports related to a single trial
  2. Overview report. For reports that present data across many trials

1: Individual Trial Reports
Individual trial reports appear under the “Custom Reports” tab on the analysis page for a trial.

Clicking on the Custom Reports tab will show all of the custom reports that have been created for that trial.

2: Overview Reports

The overview reports are used in cases where reports should present data across multiple trials.  It is accessible from the “Custom Reports” main menu (top right hand corner) of the WebApp.

Interactive Reports
Reports can be interactive, meaning that end-users can filter by date ranges, drill-down into more details and see additional charts based on what they click. This makes the reports more powerful and enables the charts to be used in different ways by different users.

Benefits of custom reports?
Custom reports allow organisations to:

  • Click together tailored reports to present the most relevant an important data in just the right way.
  • Save time by having key charts and tables available at the click of a button, from within the QuickTrials WebApp
  • Create and share reports for a single trial or at the overview, aggregate level, across many trials
  • Streamline the organisations workflow and allow employees to get more work done with less effort

How can I get the custom report add-on?
Custom reports can be added to any organisation that has access to the QuickTrials data warehouse and uses Google login (for users that need to create or view reports).  Talk with us if you have additional requirements.

Cost: Talk with us

The Custom Report Add-on comes with QuickTrials support to create the first 5 custom reports for your organisation, so you can see how they can be clicked together.  After that you can create as many reports as you need or ask the QuickTrials team to create the reports for you via premium support.

To inquire about custom reports for your organisation simply reach out to