B2B Sales Representative

We’re looking for a results oriented sales person with a background in agriculture or agronomy, to reach out to potential customers and introduce them to a new way of conducting field trials. QuickTrials is the modern way to run trials and it results in higher quality data and more integration possibilities, while also saving significant time and effort.


We’re looking for someone who is comfortable discussing field trials with various people ranging from trial coordinators and agronomists through to business owners. This will require knowledge of agricultural terminology and processes around field assessments.

Since QuickTrials is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, the ideal candidate would be comfortable with both agronomy and technology.


  • Able to reach out to contacts and leads to establish current trial practises and basic needs

  • Introduce QuickTrials to prospective clients via a call or online demo (Eg. Zoom, Google Meet)
  • Capture technical questions and pass them onto a sales engineer
  • Follow up with prospects to answer questions and help with the decision making process
  • Move the process along and close deals with both potential customers and partners
We’re looking for someone who is self motivated and keen to help customers achieve more with QuickTrials.


This is a remote-work opportunity and is location independent.

Who are we?

QuickTrials is a part of RESONANZ Group.

RESONANZ Group is a Swiss based software company that has been providing innovative and award winning solutions for over 20 years. Founded in Zurich in 1997, the company believes in making a positive impact wherever possible through the use of technology, design and sustainable business models. We have an innovative spirit and act like a start-up whenever developing solutions for our company or clients. Our extensive experience in creating robust software for challenging rural environments allows us to build leading solutions like QuickTrials, Farmforce and Kilimo Salama. We like to work with people who are passionate about quality work and making a positive difference.

If this sounds like your kind of opportunity then please send us an email (jobs@resonanzgroup.com) with your CV and information about your general availability. We look forward to hearing from you!