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The Drive to Produce More, with Less

Increasing global population with limited land for agriculture, is creating an urgent need to improve farming productivity in a sustainable way. Our customers are leading the charge through research and innovation in:

  • Higher yield seed varieties – replacing older, less productive seeds with newer varieties that yield more or have improved traits (eg. drought resistance)
  • Organic / biological / chemical plant protection – new products to protect plants from insects and fungus that destroy crops
  • Fertilisers – creating new fertiliser protocols that improve yield and reduce environmental impact
  • Soil microbes – developing healthy soil microbiomes that increase both plant robustness and yields
  • Growing protocols – defining better ways to grow by providing exactly what is needed when it’s most needed, in any kind of environment (eg. field, greenhouse, etc).

These companies use QuickTrials to collect and analyse all of the critical data that is generated during these trials and to identify the best performing seeds, products and protocols.


Field Trial Challenges

There is a lot of data generated when conducting agricultural field trials. It can be labour intensive to record, collect, validate, aggregate and analyse all of that data.

Trial coordinators distribute surveys or software forms to dispersed field staff who record the trial measurements at specific moments or growth stages, over months. When the trial is completed all of that data has to be collected, aggregated in a consistent way, transformed and then analysed so that the findings and reports can be generated.

It’s a process that is time consuming, error prone and at times frustrating when some of the results are incomplete or when the parameters of a trial need to be changed mid-way. We created QuickTrials to help solve these headaches and provide a better trialling experience.

The QuickTrials Way

QuickTrials takes a new approach, using the latest technologies to streamline everything. Data is captured on mobile phones or tablets and then analysed centrally in near real-time.

There is no need to manually aggregate and transform data as everything is centralised and structured from the beginning, making it easy to compare trial data immediately. Trial coordinators can also see data as it’s being collected in the field, making it possible to spot inconsistencies or gaps before it’s too late.

The QuickTrials software is very flexible and suited for plant breeding, product / protocol trials, research or any situation where accurate data needs to be captured in the field and later analysed. Whatever the type of trial being conducted QuickTrials greatly improves the process!



No need to install or distribute desktop software


App can be installed on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablet


Field staff only see the trials they are authorised to participate in


Measurements can be filtered to match user workflows


Data can be captured offline and synced to the cloud whenever a network connection available


Powerful analytics tools can be used without manual transformation


API’s can be used to integrate trial data with other systems

Weather Service

An add-on that provides weather data for all of your sites.

Visualise Fields and Staff Activities

Field shapes can be recorded with using high-resolution satellite maps. QuickTrials automatically calculates the size of each field so no more guesswork or manual measurements are needed.

Observations entered by field staff can be shown on a map to help management follow activities and plan site visits optimally.

Enter Measurements Effortlessly

Manage Staff and View Results on a Web Browser

Experimental Trial Design

QuickTrials enables you to design seed variety, fertiliser and crop protocol trials effectively. Features such as predefined plot layouts (eg. randomised, split plot, latin square), anonymised seed codes and automatic tracking of control plots, greatly simplify experimental trial design and analysis.

QuickTrials also facilitates Good Experimental Practice (GEP) by ensuring trials are conducted in a consistent way and that data is properly structured to allow cross trial analysis.

Key Technologies

QuickTrials utilises the latest technologies to provide a modern, effective solution that saves both time and money.

We use a multi-dimensional hypercube for data storage which allows for powerful analysis. Data collection also becomes simpler and more natural thanks to the hypercube. Trials can be conducted with as many dimensions as needed (Eg. site, variety, protocol) where each dimension can have any number of properties (Eg. site: name, location, manager). It then becomes simple to analyse the data in all sorts of ways to create insightful reports. Standard data warehouse operations such as roll-up, drill-down, slice and dice are all possible.

Under the hood QuickTrials uses Google’s BigQuery for storing data which provides a highly scalable, secure and enterprise ready cloud storage platform. This ensures a reliable way to store even the largest and most complex trial results while also making it easier to integrate trial data with other systems if needed.

QuickTrials has Something for Everyone

Field Staff

QuickTrials is very convenient for field staff to use with a clear, simple interface that helps guide the user at every step. An overview screen allows the field staff to check their data and see what else needs to be collected. Trials are automatically kept up-to-date and photos or comments can be added whenever needed.

For Trial Coordinators

Trial Coordinators use QuickTrials to create, plan and execute trials. New trials can be set-up quickly using predefined traits and trial parameters, templates or previous trials. Coordinators can then assign the trials to specific Field Staff and schedule the visits to each of the sites at key growth stages.
As data is collected by Field Staff the Coordinators can see the information in near real-time, allowing them to check data quality, validate information (using GPS, overviews and charts) and ensure there are no gaps or inconsistencies. Once everything has been recorded correctly the Trial Coordinators hand-off the data in a clear process by setting the trial to “Validated”.

For Data Analysts / Scientists

Since data analysis is such an important topic we’ve made QuickTrials as flexible as possible, so Data Analysts / Researches and Scientists have more options when it comes to analysis. You can use the built-in charts or external tools if you prefer. Below are some ways in which the data can be analysed:

  • Using the built-in reports
  • Exporting the data to Excel (CSV file)
  • Using 3rd party tools such as R, Tableau, Power BI or Google Data Studio. Essentially any statistics or reporting tool that integrates with Google BigQuery*
  • Exporting to JSON or AVRO formats*
  • Direct access through a programmatic API*

* Depending upon subscription plan

QuickTrials provides all of your trial data in a structured way that is easy to analyse. A Global Trait Library makes it possible to compare traits across many different trials, seasons and regions. Information stored in QuickTrials includes spatial data and can be directly analysed by most 3rd party tools via access to the BigQuery cloud SQL database. Data can also be expanded further by your own means (eg. importing information from data loggers, soil samples, etc) and incorporated into the analysis now or in the future.

For IT Manager

QuickTrials is loved by IT Managers for many reasons, including:

  • The solution is built on modern, reliable, technologies that provide almost infinite scalability thanks to Google’s Big Querry
  • It’s secure thanks to our use of SSL, good security practises, secure logins via Google authentication, periodic penetration tests and secure hosting providers such as Google and AWS that provide both physical and logical (encryption during transit and at rest) protection for your data.
  • We follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines for regulatory compliance
  • Data is structured and can be referenced across different geographic regions
  • QuickTrials provides one of the best API experiences with simple, direct, secure access to one of the worlds most utilised database technologies. This makes integration a breeze and allows QuickTrials data to be used in many more ways within an organisation.
  • Flexible data access management on BigQuery data by Google IAM
  • The possibility to add your own data to BigQuery (Eg. automated loggers) for more integrated queries if needed

For Business Owners

QuickTrials is appreciated by Business Owners because it represents a low-cost investment that saves money with every trial conducted. The simple pricing model doesn’t depend on the number of users working with the platform so additional field staff and partners can be included without incurring additional costs. This makes it easy to involve more people during peak growing seasons.

The data always belongs to your business and can be accessed anytime it's needed. Due to the increased data validation at capture, logging and addition of GPS coordinates, the data is more thoroughly vetted and trustable. Any discrepancies are easier to spot and can be traced back if needed, simplifying compliance demands.  The centralised, structured data ensures longevity of information which contributes to value in both the short and long term. Future trials can be compared more easily against historical data, unlocking further insights. The standardised API’s ensure there is no data lock-in and if development is needed then QuickTrials also provide custom software development services.

QuickTrials is a powerful solution that provides a global overview of trialing activities across the company. It ensures a consistent process is followed and leads to trial data that is future oriented, easy to manage and grows in usefulness over time.

Top 10 Benefits of QuickTrials

  • Faster to get field trials up and running

  • Photos and GPS can be captured easily

  • Trial data is  validated and more consistent

  • Any errors or data gaps can be spotted early and corrected

  • Management have access to trial results sooner

  • Simple pricing model with no extra costs per users

  • Easy to integrate trial data with other systems

  • More secure with strict control over access

  • Supports improved compliance with standards

  • Significantly lowers the cost of conducting field trials

  • Data is structured for longevity and future use


QuickTrails has been developed in collaboration with the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and is used to trial new seed varieties in Africa and Asia as part of the Seeds2B initiative (



Quick Trials has given us the opportunity to gather real time data from the field and provides us with a standardized platform for reporting and data analysis across multiple projects.
Ken Robertson
We handle a large number of trials and QuickTrials enables us to cost-effectively enter data in the field, analyse results consistently and share with our stakeholders immediately.
Herbert Mudzamba
Agri-Climate Trust Zimbabwe
QuickTrials allows us to digitize the process of field trialing from protocol creation to data capture, validation and export. Functionality available to users is based on their role in the overall process, which makes the tool simple and easy to use
Nathalie Vignaux
Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
We are delighted with Quick Trials and it’s integration into our business systems. The software ensures a quick and easy method of recording our trial data in the field. Results are easy to access and simple to interpret with meaningful data for us and our customers.
Rachel Hart
Agility Agriculture

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