There are different type of logins possible in QuickTrials:

  • Google Login: Use an email address that can be used for Google services. Includes all the Google security options like 2FA etc, periodic password checks etc.
  • Direct Login: Use an email formatted username in QuickTrials and define the password either directly as an admin or let the user set the password via an emailed link.
  • Apple Login (iOS): Use an Apple login on your iOS device.

Google Login

This means that you have to be able to log into the Google main search page (, top right) with the account. Examples for these kind of accounts are Gmail users or Google Workspace (G-Suite) users, but most other emails can be used too if you register them at Google explicitly. 

New logins can be registered at Google (see and

Note that you can registered an existing (non-gmail) address via the “Use my current email address instead” selection:

This will result in you being able to register your current email address:

Direct Login

A direct login can be set in QuickTrials after setting an email. You can either:

  • Directly set a password as an administrator. This allows the user to log in with this password. In this case, the email address does not need to be functional. This is the least secure option but simple to implement.
  • Send a password reset email to the user. This will let the user log in after having set his own password via an emailed password reset link. This is much more secure as no password needs to be transmitted to the user.

Apple Login

On iOS devices, users can also log in via Apple account credentials if the user email matches

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