User Account Deletion

If a QuickTrials Mobile App or WebApp user would like to delete their user account, the following process should be followed.

Step 1: Inform your organisation or subscription account administrator.

The subscription account administrator is the owner of your organisation’s data and needs to be informed about any deletion requests under GDPR guidelines.

Step 2: Fill in the user deletion request form

I would like to request the deletion of my QuickTrials account from the organisation and confirm that I am the owner of this email account.

    Step 3: Your deletion request will be reviewed

    The organisation administrator will review the deletion request and perform the necessary action to comply with GDPR or relevant data privacy legislation.

    Step 4: Acknowledgement Confirmation

    An acknowledgement email will be sent by the organisation administrator in response to your deletion request.

    Subscription Account Deletion

    If you are the QuickTrials subscription account owner, and would like to delete your account please fill in the form below:

      QuickTrials will receive your organisation account deletion request and be in contact to confirm the request and inform you about the deletion steps. Please note: These steps will remove the organisation and associated data from QuickTrials and can not be reversed.