Enhancing the mobile experience

QuickTrials is used for many different types of trials and set-ups. While this is great for trailing companies it can be a challenge from a user interface point of view, especially on small mobile screens. Sometimes field staff want to see full plot details and headers, while other times they want to focus more on comparing data values to look for anomalies. We’ve recently added some touches to the mobile App that make it easier and more comfortable to use.

Expand and Collapse

When looking at an overview grid QuickTrials will initially present the data in collapsed mode, so you can see the data easily and get a sense for what needs to be added. If you want to see the plot details or full header descriptions then simply press on any plot number or header to switch to expanded mode as shown here.

You can quickly jump back and forth between collapsed and expanded modes by pressing anywhere on the plot numbers or headers.


Larger fonts and higher contrast

To make it easier to read the screen when out in the sun, we’ve made the fonts larger and bolder.
We’ve also increased the contrast to make text more readable in places.

Color coded status

We’re making it easier to see when measurements are on-track or falling behind schedule, through color coding.

The following color code will be used for expected measurements:

  • Green: Everything has been entered
  • Blue: Measurements due today
  • Orange: Measurements missing and late
  • Purple: Non-scheduled measurements (no specified date)
  • Grey: Measurements are due some time in the future

Note: We are still tweaking some aspects of how this looks and the final version will be released soon.

Support for Non-Google logins

You can now use any type of email address to login to QuickTrials. If your organisation does not support Google logins, then your administrator can invite Field Staff or WebApp users with an email and password.


We hope these changes make the mobile app a pleasure to use and help you further with your data collection!
If you have any feedback we are always happy to hear from you.

All the best from the QuickTrials team.