A single source of truth

One of QuickTrials key benefits is its ability to organise lots of data and provide a single source of qualified information that can be referenced whenever needed.  The structured data and integration possibilities provided by QuickTrials also help to ensure longevity of your trial assets. 

Our approach to digitising trials means your data will continue to grow in usefulness and value over time, as future trials can reference historic data more effectively.


Document management

To further extend the concept of a single source of truth we’ve added the ability to upload and tag documents, which are then linked to a trial. This was based on customer feedback and allows all trial related documents to be stored with the trial for easy reference later.


Trial Coordinators can upload any number of documents via the web interface. Documents can be organized with tags and marked for synchronisation to the mobile devices where needed. This makes it possible to add documents such as:

  • Site information. e.g. access description, equipment lists, contacts
  • Soil analysis reports
  • External protocol descriptions
  • Product application instructions
  • Guidelines for field staff. e.g. setup documents, measurement instructions, process descriptions


We recommend only synchronising documents required by field staff to mobile devices, due to bandwidth and storage limits on devices.  All other documents can be accessed at any time from the WebApp.

This feature can be accessed from the “Documents” menu item in the trial list context menu.


GPS Precision Support

GPS information of where measurements were taken is becoming more important for quality control purposes, and is also being used in combination with higher resolution satellites and drone data. There are some challenges that can arise when using mobile phones and tablets for GPS positioning. These challenges are


  • Low-cost GPS antennas in low-end devices are sometimes less accurate
  • Older GPS receivers that do not support all current satellite systems
  • When there is no cellular network available, the first location fix takes considerably longer
  • Recording a measurement immediately after coming out of stand-by. The phone has to potentially acquire all satellites again which takes some time.
  • In case staff bring their own device, sometimes localisation support is configured for low precision


In order to overcome these challenges as much as possible and ensure users are well informed, we added a minimum precision threshold that can be defined when creating a trial. When this threshold is defined, a message will pop-up informing the user whenever the GPS accuracy is insufficient, allowing the field staff to wait or take other steps to improve the accuracy before continuing.  


Something for everyone

QuickTrials provides benefits to Field Staff, Trial Coordinators, Data Scientists, IT Managers and Business owners.


We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions or comments please email us at support@quicktrials.com