Experimental Design Preview

When setting up an experimental design, there are often many parameters involved to define the actual block and plot layout. To make this faster and more intuitive, we added a live preview of the layout at the bottom of the page.

This preview allows you to play with the parameters and see exactly what will happen to the layout.  It visually shows what you can expect as each parameter is changed. The colors represent the test subject combination as it will be randomized.


Different Plot Naming

One of the most common differences between trial implementers is how they name their plots. While some like to name them sequentially, others prefer coordinates or something completely different. To help with different naming possibilities, we introduced a new feature called the “The plot naming scheme” which has the following options:

  • Default. This is the legacy option that will work as it did until now. It is the most often used way per design.
  • Walking order. Starts with the first observed plot as defined in the plot walking order and counts up in exactly that sequence.
  • Plot coordinates. Numbers the plots via <row number>0<column number>. 
  • Sequential in replication. Numbers the plot sequentially inside a replication, with the resulting number being <rep>0<sequential number in rep>. The sequential number is calculated from top left to right, top to bottom


If you have any other naming schemes you would like to see, we are always happy to get feedback.  

As always, we hope you enjoy these news features and let us know if you have any questions or comments.