Trials are not only executed, but also have to be set up and configured. At QuickTrials, we try to optimize every step in that process, based on customer feedback. In this newsletter, we will focus on some recent additions that will help you raise efficiency to new levels.

Groupless staff permissions

One of the tasks when planning the execution of field trials is the assignment of staff, to define who will enter the data in the field.  Up until now, the permission system was very flexible and based on groups. After evaluating actual usage patterns over a longer time, we found that the most used function is to assign staff to trials and sites.

In our new version of staff permissions, we created a more streamlined way to accomplish this without the need to create intermediary groups.  

To use this new approach simply click on the “Assign Staff” action on the trial context menu and for any site, and then select the staff members you want to assign. This will assign the staff to that trial and site, so only those people can see the trial on their device and enter measurements for that site.