Preview of the new Staff Management feature in QuickTrials – November 6, 2018

Did someone say Staff Management?

We normally announce new features when they are ready but this time we want to give you a preview of what is coming so we can collect some early feedback.

Customers have been asking for more features to help plan and manage field staff, so they can see which staff need to enter observations each week and what sites need to be visited.  We’ve been working on a new planning feature that does exactly this. Below are some designs of how this will look.

A calendar will show all of the trials that have observations required so you can see which sites need to be visited. The calendar can be arranged or colored by Trial, Site or Staff so you can, for example, see the activities required at each site and plan visits accordingly.  There’s a search feature as well so you can focus on a specific trial, site or staff if needed.

The staff list shows what each person needs to do each week.  It lists the field staff along with the allocated trials and sites so management can easily see that tasks that need to be performed by the whole team on a weekly basis.  This makes it easier to coordinate activities, share data collection activities and spot any potential situations where data is not being collected in time.

We believe that these kind of features will make the coordination and management of trials a lot easier, especially when managing dozens of trials across many sites.  We would love to hear you opinions and any requirements that you may have with respect to managing field staff. What is important to you in terms of that data that needs to be shown or how it might need to fit with existing management processes?  Please send any comments to

These new scheduling features should be available before the end of this year and we hope you enjoy them!


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