QuickTrials continues to be enhanced based on the feedback we receive from our growing users. Here are some of the new features that we recently added. Our goal is to create your favourite tool for conducting agricultural field trials, where your data is always consistent and easy to analyse.

Custom Data Export

Customers sometimes want the results of a trial to be exported as a single excel sheet. To streamline the experience with Excel, we added a feature that allows a table to be created directly from the data. Integrated with this are aggregation functions which sum or average multiple data points (Eg. harvests or samples) per plot. The most important calculations are also available, for example calculating the number of days from two dates, or a percentage from two values. As always, we depend on customers feedback to inform the kind of calculations or aggregations that you think would be most helpful for automating your workflow.


Observations Library

As an organisation conducts more trials there are usually parts of a trial definition that can be re-used for ease and consistency. To eliminate the need to repeatedly enter the same titles / codes / help texts, we now allow observations to be placed into a library that is then available when defining new templates or trials. This saves time for the trial manager and leads to more consistent trials and observation results.


More Trial Attributes

We added some new attributes to make it easier to classify and search for trials.
– Agroclimatic region
– Customer
– Season
This makes it easier to sort trial sets when working with hundreds of different trials.



Efficency Improvements

We always try to make things faster for you. We recently added the following:


Measurements lists can be added as a “rating” (Eg 1-10) or “class” (Eg. shapes of fruit). This can be easier to understand

and visualise.

Two row zig-zag walking in the field. This will order the plots in a field so you can walk through the field every two plots and record the plots to both sides of your path. Less walking!




Only show regions for a certain country