Coding for data export

Nearly all data that is recorded can now be coded. The main purpose of a code is that the database / export format will stay the same independent of what the field staff sees as a label. Eg a certain trial could have the name “Potato adaptation trial 2018” but a code of “POTATO_S2_2018”. This allows to standardize the output format for further analysis while refining the actual text to be more understandable by field staff. Another example would be codes for measurements, eg “Fruit number of lobes” could be “NUM_LOB”.


Real-time last measurements view
Trials -> Trial: Last Measurement

Clicking on the last measurement date (eg “2 weeks ago”) shows a page with the last records synchronized of the respective trial. Clicking on the individual records shows all information recorded, including images and comments.

Advanced list search
Trial step 2 Test subject -> + Select a crop variety

Searching for items in large lists can be cumbersome. To help, we now have an advanced search that allows filtering and multiple selections.


Archived Trials filtering

Archived trials are now hidden from the main list. If you want to view archived trails simply change the filter on the top right for viewing all trials.


Copy Measurement Definitions
Trial step 6 Observations -> Measurement

We now allow to copy a definition of an observation (including the type, title, constraints, help text etc) to another observations group. This should allow faster creation of similar observations group so previous definitions can be reused.