In 2018 there is both an acceleration and deepening of the digital transformation work that has been taking place in many companies across the globe.  Companies are leveraging their IT assets effectively and incorporating new digital tools to fill any gaps in their existing processes and workflows.  The shift from paper processes to digital ones typically results in information flowing more freely with less friction and errors.  Management decisions also become simpler and more effective when all the relevant information is available immediately.

More field trials with less effort

QuickTrials is a digital tool that allows people to record field trial measurements directly into a mobile phone or tablet.  Trial results are available immediately and the effort to aggregate and analyse data is greatly reduced.

New features

We’ve been steadily improving QuickTrials based on your feedback and below are some of the recent features that have been added:

  • Automatic walking order for fields so that data entry can be optimised
  • Regions can be associated with sites to make organisation simpler
  • Searching of plots by name is available in the mobile app
  • Its now easy to differentiate between controls and test subjects which makes analysis easier
  • Data entry can be disabled for certain subjects/sites or replications to protect specific data sets
  • Permission management has been enhanced to provide more control over who can edit a trial
  • Synchronisation performance has been greatly improved
  • Plot layouts can be easily printed if needed
  • There is now the ability to synchronize a preview of a trial to a mobile device before activating it